WoodChainManager offers different interactive tools suitable for the organization and optimization of forestry works.


Creation of interactive transparent descriptions of forestry wood chains


Creation of transparent calculations of forestry mechanization costs.


Stipulation of forestry production norms.


Converting between volume, weight and energy units.


Forestry as one of the economic sectors incorporates several links in the complex forestry wood chain (FWC). From the technological point of view, the forestry links of the FWC are formed by a series of production processes, with which natural forest resources are converted into products and services. In the selection of separate machines and connection of individual links into series of production chains, the question of costs is certainly an important issue. Material costs of individual machines and the mandatory or optional accessories or attachments are key to the optimization of individual series of production processes.

The application that is now in front of you enables a simple selection of a technological model for the production of roundwood as well as green chips. With the selection of machines and their mandatory or optional accessories or attachments along the entire chain from the felling area to the final user, the costs are stipulated as well. Visualization of technological components along the forestry wood chains and presentation of costs enable optimization and easier understanding of otherwise very complex chains. WoodChainManager has been developed by the researchers of the Slovenian Forestry Institute.

We invite you to try WoodChainManager by yourself. We will also be very grateful for any opinion, description of the problem you have encountered or ideas for improvement. 

Wood fuel prices and solid roundwood prices in Slovenia

Slovenian Forestry Institute have been systematically collecting prices of wood fuels on the Slovenian market since 2011. Twice a year (before and after the heating season), through questionnaires from producers and suppliers, we obtain data on prices of timber, chips, pellets and briquettes. With the renovation of the WoodChainManager webportal, WoodChainManager will now regularly present the wood fuel prices. The price collection system will be upgraded and interactive pricing will also be provided in the area of the solid wood market.